Going to work is like visiting a human zoo… the thought,  “This place would make for some good reality TV!” has probably crossed your mind. At work you come across a large variety of personality types… each person has their own reasons for being there, and we all fall into the mix someway as well. I am not saying we all belong in cages, I am just saying a work environment is very dynamic, and add stress to that, it can sometimes brew drama. It often drains us of everything we got…  So how do typical corporate employees fuel themselves for the day? Lets look at a few that are also dedicated to working out.

Before I get into that, I want to define what they all have in common:

- Their working schedule is high pressure and full of meetings, conference calls, deadlines, phone calls, etc.
- They all are consistent with working out 3 – 4 times per week.

Person A: This person wakes up in the morning, skips breakfast to save time only to still rush to work to catch that mandatory morning meaning that starts each day. Lunch may consist of cookies that are left out in lobby for guests, and a cup of coffee. This is just enough to get by until the end of the day. Once home has a huge meal.

Person B: This person wakes up gets out the door and makes a usual stop at the fast food joint for breakfast. Then orders out for lunch with his buddies, and finally gets home for a good size dinner.

Person C: This person never skips breakfast, has a mid morning snack, lunch, mid afternoon snack, post workout meal, late dinner. The meals are made up of fruits, veggies, high quality proteins, and quality whole grains.

Here is the thing, with all things being equal training wise… only the person in example C is going to see any progress. Its good they are all training but what is most likely to happen is the first two people are going to give up due to lack of results compounded by the fact that life already has too many responsibilities for them.

It becomes harder to stay motivated when you are not getting results.

If this is you… don’t worry. This is the very reason I started Corporate To Cut — to help.

What I will be covering in future posts:

- How to make eating right fit your corporate lifestyle
- Top 3 workout routines for the busy lifestyle
- Information Overload. Who and what can you trust?
- Why being underpaid and high stressed keeps you fat.

If you have any other suggestions, email me.

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