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Before I start writing about this topic. I want to be the first to admit that time management isn’t one of my strengths. I tend to be very spontaneous, and dislike schedules. One thing that defines me as a person, is how much I value freedom and dislike being tied down. I am an entrepreneur [...]

When you enter into the world of fitness, fat-loss, muscle building, or whatever your goal is; you need to be mentally prepared. There is more to getting results than just finding the right diet and exercise program. To really get long-term results you have a strong mindset before even starting, or else your first setback [...]

Finding Fitness in The Corporate World. Part 1

December 7 , 2009 | | In: Mini Series

In today’s most ever demanding world, we find ourselves with a million of responsibilities and not enough time. We are over worked and in most cases underpaid, which causes its own kind of stress. Making fitness a part of your life, could literally save your life! If you are anything like I was, I never [...]