In today’s most ever demanding world, we find ourselves with a million of responsibilities and not enough time. We are over worked and in most cases underpaid, which causes its own kind of stress. Making fitness a part of your life, could literally save your life!

If you are anything like I was, I never fully appreciated my health and physique until it was gone. I have been through some things these last few years, and it cost my physique. Too often health is overshadowed by everything else that preoccupies us… a big part of that for all of us is probably our careers.

So how do we get back on track? I am going to draw inspiration from the business strategists. To continue to be successful in business, having strategic planning in place serves as the framework and foundation for getting results. I believe you should take the same approach to your fitness especially if you have a busy career.

To keep things simple for you: The Corporate To Cut strategic plan is 6 steps. (I will be going in depth on each of these steps in upcoming posts)

1. Develop The Correct Mindset
2. Determine how much time you can devote solely to fitness
3. Make short term (Realistic) Goals
4. Tell people what you are doing. (The psychology behind this is awesome!)
5. Find one person that will keep you accountable: (i.e. Spouse, Friend, Trainer, Me- I will!)
6. Putting it all together, and taking action. Training and Nutrition programs.

There it is… stay tuned for the upcoming posts in this series.

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