This post is revisiting my past. I originally posted this in the TSL forum that I own, it was written December 7th last year, after a long day and night at work.  If you are curious about why I started Corporate to Cut, you will have a glimpse into the mindset I was feeling during that time I had that job. If you want a hint before beginning to read… that picture below says it all!


(Originally Posted, December 2008)

I have been thinking about life a little. I had a frustrating day working. When I got home tonight it caused me to reflect a little, and I asked myself would you rather… So this post is me just venting a little.

Would you rather be locked in a room running on a treadmill for the rest of your life, all the while give so much effort and determination yet not going anywhere? OR…

Throw a dart on the map… drive cross country to get there, all the while stopping and smelling the roses, experiences life, meeting new people and making memories at your own pace.

This is an easy answer right????

Well then why do so many people (including me for the time being) choose answer 1!?

Nobody wants to go through life and have nothing to show for it. But that is how most people end up living. We wake up and spend way to much time driving to work, once there we spend way too much time and energy working very hard for SOMEONE ELSE, leaving our own self unfulfilled and empty!

Why do we work so hard for corporations that care nothing about the people working for them and only about their bottom line. Thankless bosses who care nothing about our future, rather their own pocket book and personal satisfaction.

Life waits for no one, and often we get hints of how we can waste away our most precious resource when we work 14 hour days, and our dinner is cold when we get home, our kids are already in bed, and our wives (or husbands) are just getting ready to turn in for the night. We can miss out on so much!

We only have one shot at this life. Days like this make my realize more than ever that I MUST get out of there- I hate it there. The corporate treadmill is getting me nowhere! I must stay in the mindset of prosperity, and abundance and begin a new path. Feeding my dreams and ambitions with healthy thoughts of positive thinking, prayer, and non stop determination is going to be the key for this.  Rather than feeding the fears and self doubt.

I believe that is what keeps everyone on the treadmill – FEAR, AND SELF-DOUBT.

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