I know it has been awhile since updating this blog. Honestly, it has taken a back seat to my new personal training business – ShockBody Fitness. Well that is going to change. My new vision for this blog is to integrate into the business. I just started I new Facebook page for ShockBody Fitness, and would like to use this blog to still help busy professionals but also include people from all walks of life interested in fitness.

Here are the details of the challenge I posted on Facebook:

Today I challenge you all to expect more from yourself. Don’t hang around people that look for the easy way. The “I am going to take this magic pill and all my fat will disappear” mentality. Those people that think that way will be deadly to your fitness efforts. Today I challenge you to find people who set the standard higher, where they demand more from you. This is what will make you grow and succeed at anything… not just in fitness. I know of 4 great trainers who can and will get your best out of you! The question is are you ready to take action. I have outlined the challenge below.

Surround yourself with people where the demand and expectations are very high for you to perform. Find a group of peers that facilitate this environment. Let me tell you… you will definitely feel out of your comfort zone but that “uncomfort” if you will, will force you to rise up to their level.

First set some goals for yourself. You need to do this so you can crystallize what it is you really want to achieve.

Next, I want you to look for three types of people to make up your team.

1. Nutrition Partner. This is a person who knows his/her stuff and eats very well his/her self! The habits they have instilled in his/her self will rub off on you.

2. Workout Partner. If you know someone living an active lifestyle that works out… ask if you could be a workout partner. Just knowing that you have to meet someone at the gym to workout could mean all the difference of making it, or missing it. They will help keep you accountable even when you are not.

3. Share your goals with a person who will help hold you to them. This person is going to be a person who will be brutally honest with you. (We all should know at least one person like this in our life.) If they see you slipping they won’t sugar coat anything and say its ok. They know how important this is to you and by you knowing that they know your intentions, it will hold you to a whole new level of accountability!

Keep in mind, you might know one person that has all three traits… if so, use that person! If you are having problems getting your team together… hire a trainer! They will certainly make sure you start living the life you want and deserve to have.

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