This topic was brought up on my forum last year… here are a few posts from TSL members on the topic.

QUOTE (Dzarkin @ TSL Community Forum)
I have a challenge staying in a positive mood. Does anyone else have this challenge with staying positive?

QUOTE (rbmhukk88 @ TSL Community Forum)
Hi Dzarkin, i was drawn to this topic for sure!!! I have the same problem!!!

I try to be so positive each day but as each day progresses and i have less money coming in than going out, it gets harder and harder!!!

The economy we are in is making life miserable. I am afraid i am going to lose everything!!! I hate to whine because i know others have it worse than me, but i feel like i am at a standstill with no where to go!!!

What do we do when times are so tough???

—–My Reply—-

What I recommend is determining what can make things better. Be creative, and take action. Something as simple as deciding to read a short inspiring story each morning to get yourself in the right mindset to start the day. Or Asking yourself some key questions to direct your thoughts on the right path- “What is one thing I can do today to make my life better?” “How do I want to feel, and what will give me those feelings?” “What do I truly desire to do? …What is one thing I can start doing to get me closer to achieving this?” Make reachable goals, and develop a strategy.

It is amazing what happens when you start writing this stuff down. Creative energy begins to flow, and in time you will see doors open. Just remember that wherever you see success, learn to welcome it. Fear, self doubt, and insecurity tend to shut the door on opportunities that lead to success. Have courage and believe!!!!!

Final Thought: Although it may not be possible to stay possitive 100% of your lifetime… Get to know who you are and get in line with those beliefs and you will find yourself much happier.

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