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I have mentioned in a previous post how one can incorporate things they enjoy doing into everyday life. Joining a volleyball or softball league, be a part of a dog walking club, making a family night out of playing the Wii, etc. This is what I call the Lifestyle Activity component of fitness.

Lets talk about the Wii. I am not at all into video game systems… Put it this way, I have a P3, but only use it as my BluRay Player. I did however express some interest in the Wii gaming system this year because of how the games encourage movement. So my mother-in-law was nice enough to buy it for me for Christmas. Admittedly, I left this gaming system in the box until a few days ago, when I finally decided to set it up.

I saw a preview for the game called Just Dance, and thought it would be a cool way for my wife, daughter, and myself to have some fun… It allows up to four people to play. (My son Eli, can’t dance yet… he is only one! LOL) So I went ahead and bought the game thinking, this will be cool for a little while. Well to my surprise, it was more than a little while. My wife and I ended up dancing to about 10 songs the first night and our 3 year old daughter loved it as well… she kept requesting- “Who Let The Dogs Out!”

By the time we were done, our heart rate was up and we got a nice little bit of calorie burning going without even thinking about it. Read that again “we got a nice little bit of calorie burning going without even thinking about it.” That statement is exactly what the Lifestyle Activity component of your fitness program is all about! It is something that you will have fun doing, and wont even think about it being exercise, but are benefiting from it just the same!

If you have a Wii gaming system, I highly recommend getting this game. You laugh just as hard as you dance, and you will get some bonus calorie burning in too.

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