determinedWhat is true is this – there is NO perfect training regimen. There are certain laws in science that steer us in the right direction, but there are many roads that will lead to the same result. This allows one to be creative and chose the road that you feel passionate about. This is important because when things get tough, you MUST have a compelling enough reason to overcome that voice that says “just give up” or “you can’t do this.” I know that by heading in the right direction, and choosing the road that fuels determination and desire is key to long-term success. Having a purpose is key.

What I have learned is living a life that you are not passionate about only fuels resentment, and disappointment. I chose a career to pursue for 7 years and was miserable there. Yes I HATED it! What I discovered is that I truly am passionate about health and fitness, and had to make my own comeback after the years of the unfulfilled, sedentary, high stress lifestyle… and wow, it did a number on my health and physique!

My passion is in freedom. More specifically Time Freedom and Balance. This allows for a life in harmony where God, Marriage, Family, Friends, and Health all get attention. My career goals now are to help people with the health and fitness aspect of life. Leading by example… showing people that having desire, discipline, determination, and working towards a goal with passion and purpose, you can bounce back from anything.

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