When people set off to make weight loss goals they take the typical approach. Increase cardio (low intense steady state), and highly restrict calories. They then may lose 40 pounds but wonder why they still look like the same flabby self they were when they started… only now, a smaller flabby version. They still carry fat in the same problem places… because highly restricted diets combined with low steady state cardio have you lose mainly muscle and water weight. Your bodyfat percentage does not drop much if even at all!

My advice is to get rid of the scale. Ask any one of the clients that personally work with me, and they know my rule is No stepping on the scale for 4 weeks. In 4 weeks we then do a skin fold to test body fat, and only then get the scale weight.

BMI(Body Mass Index) is so outdated in my opinion! Get this… I don’t qualify for my health insurance healthy discount because my BMI which is 31.1 has me in the obese category (See BMI Chart Below)! I stand 6’ tall and weigh 229 pounds at varying between 7 – 10% bodyfat… I lead an active healthy lifestyle, yet I don’t qualify because of my BMI level even though my body fat % is in the single digits.

BMI Chart:
Underweight: Below 18.5
Normal: 18.5 -25
Overweight: 25-30
Obese: Over 30

What else can you do?

Ditch the slow steady state cardio replace with High Intensity Cardio (Interval Training for example). When restricting calories, make sure you give yourself a cheat day to bring your leptin levels back to normal (That is a whole other blog post!). Make resistance training part of your exercise routine.

Losing weight the correct way will reduce your risk for disease, increase your metabolism, increase your energy level, and you will look great because of the inches you have lost, the tone you have gained, even despite what the scale says.

Start focusing on changing body composition, not the numbers on the scale. If you need help with this contact one of our fitness pros at shockbody.com, any one of us would be happy to help.

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