My kids slept in one morning (something that doesn’t happen often) which allowed me to sleep in as well. I don’t use an alarm clock for this reason… because if anyone is up, whether my wife, or the kids, I can’t stay asleep.

So this particular morning I had scheduled steep hill sprints, followed by walking across the top of the hill to the other side of the neighborhood to do 50 yard sprint/ 50 yard walk until I make it back home. The actual workout itself only takes 17 -18 minutes, but getting dressed for the weather outside (Its cold here in Wisconsin this time of year) then do my warm up, then light jog down to the hill. This could be more like 30 minutes all together.  I didn’t have 30 minutes on this morning. So what did I do?

(I am not going to miss a workout, especially morning… this is a great time to boost your HGH (Human Growth Hormone) Levels because your body is in a fasted state, and add high intensity to this fasted state; you just created the perfect storm for your body to produce HGH.)

Well lucky for me, I am prepared for this situation. I stayed inside… threw on a pair of workout pants, warmed up and did my Tabata routine. This method of conditioning was invented by Dr. Izumi Tabata and his team at the National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Tokyo. If you want to read up on it, check it out on Wikipedia… I dont want to bore you with the science.  I will say this though… for a workout that is done in only 9 minutes time, it will kick your butt!

climbers_FullThe Tabata works like this:
- Warm up first  (of course!)
- 20 seconds High Intensity
- 10 seconds Rest
- You will perform 8 sets of this.
- Rest one minute
- Go through it a second time with a different exercise

I said I wouldn’t bore you to death with science (I won’t) but here are three benefits without getting too technical. If you want to talk shop, email me and I will be glad to share more on the technical side.

1. Its awesome for reducing body fat levels. This is due to the energy your body is burning hours after this short workout… THE AFTERBURN EFFECT!

2. It helps you step up your game, and increase mental toughness, while preparing the body to handle high intensity.

3. TIME SAVER! (I know there are mornings in which everything is behind schedule and you have to get to the office! Skip the ironing, throw the shirt in the drier on wrinkle rid setting, and take the 9 extra minutes to do this workout)

So here is exactly what my Tabata Routine Looks like…  you can chose your own exercises, but I do this one because it is full body workout.

Jump Squats 8 sets of 20 seconds

Push-ups 8 sets of 20 seconds

In writing, it looks easy…  Wait until you try it! LOL

If doing the Tabata workout… I HIGHLY recommend you get GymBoss, its only around $20 through Amazon, and its awesome! It will not let you cheat on time. (Remember… ten seconds rest goes fast, especially when exhausted!) I love mine and use it for my HIIT, Hill Training, Sprints, Tabata, etc. Its awesome. I placed a link below for you.

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