For those that know me, know I am a proud father of two. My daughter is 3 and my son will turn 1 just after Christmas. Well for those out there that are parents… you know how persistent and unreasonable a 3 year old can be at times! My daughter is clever in her own little ways. Over time she has figured out how to get my wife and me to say yes to her requests more often.

I will give you an example. After halloween, we came back with a bag full of candy. My daughter knows that she doesn’t get open access to that bag but must go through my wife and I for access. At first she would ask me like this, “Daddy, I want to have some candy… can I have some M & M’s?” I would often answer “no” because it was often at times like right before dinner, or before bedtime. After awhile, she began to ask… “Daddy, I would like some M&M’s please… but only just a few of them… can I have just two please?” Well of course two M & M’s seem harmless so my wife and I would say yes to her request, after all a couple M&M’s is harmless! Well thats how she gets her hand in the bag so to speak!

bratAnyway… where I am going with this is, anyone who has ever tried to eat healthier, control their portion sizes, and stick to a plan has to battle the voice in their head that says… “Have one more piece, its not going to kill you! Go ahead, do it!” You know what I mean… our internal thinking that often throws us off our goal.

Well what if you imagine that little voice as being a 3 year old… and equate it to that 3 year old making a request to have M&M’s before bed time! Does that 3 year old know whats best for you? I think not! Remember, you are in charge… don’t give in to the subtle, yet unreasonable requests. Remember YOU are the parent, and you should have the final say in your eating… by thinking of that voice as a three year old being unreasonable, it helps.

Try this tip the next time you here that voice, you will be amazed how well it works.

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