No_AerobicsOk, so what kind of workout do you think about doing when you are training for fat loss? Running, Biking, Aerobic Classes??? Ahh yes, the good old-fashioned low intensity cardio. So, why do so many fitness professionals recommend it? Because fat, is a slow burning energy store. The energy system powering low intensity exercises use fat as the main fuel.

“Great… there is my answer, I will just focus on low intensity to target my fat stores” you say.

HOLD ON!!!!! Before you go and bore yourself to death with hours on the treadmill, elliptical, or class, we need to look at the flaw in this.

The body is controlled by something called homeostasis. Basically that means the body will adapt to everything you do to it. So, if you are training with low intensity cardio and targeting fat stores- What does this tell the body it needs? FAT STORES.

Yes, the body is actually sending this message, “I better replace the fat stores I just used.”

If you are training this way, homeostasis will be working against you. The body will actually try to replace fat stores first because based on the type of fuel you are using for your bouts of low intensity cardio; the body thinks it needs to replace that fuel (fat)!

Lets look at a different way of training.

Instead of targeting the Aerobic energy system which uses fat as fuel. High Intensity training targets Both Anaerobic energy systems, and does not use fat for energy. Now, ask yourself this question. What are you telling your body it doesn’t need? Right… Fat! (You are catching on!)

Here is the cool part, by training this way you are conditioning the body to turn the fat storing signal off, while it works to eliminate extra body fat during the “after burn” you create through training with high intensity. The after burn is the amount of time your metabolism stays at a high rate after you exercise. Think of it as compound interest, after you are done, the fat burning keeps on coming. Low intensity cardio DOES NOT give you a good afterburn!

The effect high intensity has on your body will impact your metabolic rate, and your body will start working with you, not against you when trying to shed body fat off. You will rewire your biofeedback mechanisms to melt body fat off. So go ahead and skip the hour on the treadmill, the step aerobics class or whatever. Use homeostasis to your advantage ==> do high intensity for 10 minutes, and your fat stores won’t have a chance!

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